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What’s next for Garden Planner?

I thought I would let you have a little peek into what’s coming up in the future in Garden Planner.

Firstly there is a great new tool coming that makes it really easy to plan out vegetable gardens. This will be a tool within Garden Planner and will be part of a free update. Expect to see it before the end of October.
sneak peek below

There is finally a new version (version 2.0) or Garden Designer the iPad app almost finished. It will also be available for Android. Expect to see it in the next couple of months

And lastly – hopefully before the end of the year some 3D features will be added into Garden Planner. I’m really excited about this but it is a fair bit of work and the plan is to gradually add it into Garden Planner. First it will just be ground elevations, then structures and finally plants.


Windows 10

Just a quick post to make it clear that Garden Planner works really well on Windows 10. So if you are thinking of upgrading to windows 10 and already have Garden Planner dont worry. It will still work fine when the upgrade process is finished.