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Garden Planner 3.5

Garden Planner version 3.5 (3.5.8) is now available. This update adds a number of useful features.

Group Objects: you can now group and ungroup a selection of objects. It’s a small improvement but can be very useful especially when managing large plans.

Height: you can now store a height value for trees, plants, walls, buildings etc. This can be useful for planning purposes. The options for the Plant and Object list have also been improved and it is from here that you can choose to show height values in your plant list if you wish.

Other smaller additions:
By default the note books automatically links a garden note for a plant with all other identical plants (so you are not typing the same note over and over again) However some people want each plant to have its own notes, so there is now an option for this in the advanced settings menu.
You can also choose from a couple of display style options in the Preview window.

Bug Fixes: lots of bug fixes, especially pertaining to the vegetable bed planner.

ALSO: GP3d has been updated. The beta tool that lets you view garden planner plans in 3D has been updated. The strange purple shadows on walls are gone and they look more normal now. Also if you enter a height value in Garden Planner for a wall or fence it will be reflected in the 3d view. Some buildings also will show the appropriate height in 3d. Not yet trees, but its coming soon.