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Minor updates to Garden Planner and 3d viewer

Garden Planner has now been updated to version 3.5.14 The main changes are bug fixes and this update is recommended if you have any problems with changing scale in your plans.

More interestingly, the beta 3d viewer has also been updated. This updates fixes a bunch of bugs, so if previously you had an issue getting your plan to load into the 3d viewer then try it again with this update. This update doesnt include any changes or additions to plants (that will be in the next update). It does include more buildings, better walls and fences, some rocks, arches, pergolas etc. It also includes a properties button (bottom right of the screen) that will show the properties for the currently selected object. At the moment not everything can be selected and not everything has properties that can change. But you can change the style of most buildings, and change the height and elevation of lots of objects. This can be interesting because most of the basic shapes in garden planner (found in Basic shapes in Special collections category) have 3d versions. So with a few basic shapes : squares that become cubes in 3d, rectangles that become cuboids, and circles that become cylinders; along with the ability to change elevations and heights you can create whole new objects in GP3d. torri

This Torri (Japanese gate) was created by placing a few rectangles and two circles in garden planner, which became 3d shapes in gp3d. Then by just adjusting the height and elevation I was able to create this.