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Garden Planner update

The latest update to Garden Planner is version 3.6.31

If you haven’t used Garden Planner since version version 3.6 came out I recommend checking it out. There were a whole bunch of improvements but the most interesting is that you can try out the 3d view of plans within Garden Planner.


To try it out simply choose Turn on 3d view from the help menu. Then all you need to do is click on the 3d view tab to see your 2d plan turned into 3d!

But what is in the very latest update? Version 3.6.31 adds in a button to let you save the current 3d view as an image. What is exciting about this is that you can set the resolution of the saved image. This means you can saveĀ  a 4K image even if your computer is a much lower resolution. I tested on an older windows pc that runs at 1600 x 900 and it only took 2 seconds to generate a 4K ultra high def. image (3,840×2,160) of the current 3d view!


New Tutorial Video – creating famous gardens in Garden Planner

I’ve just added a new video that shows how I created the Bowling Green Park plan in Garden Planner. The video is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly it shows working on a large landscape plan with many plants. It also demonstrates using a google satellite image in Garden Planner to start as a basis for a plan.

The video is on you tube and on the Garden Planner site here

This video is the first in a series where I will re-create famous gardens around the world in Garden Planner. Feel free to offer some suggestions via the contact form or in the comments.