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Three Hidden features in Garden Planner

I thought I would highlight some of the lesser known but rather useful features in Garden Planner.

  1. Firstly Title Blocks


In architecture and landscape plans a title block is often added near the bottom of the plan to provide clear details on who created the plan and when. In Garden Planner you can drag and drop a title block onto your plan and place it anywhere on the plan. You will find Title blocks hidden away at the bottom of the general objects category. Add the block to your plan and then select it.


Click on the edit title block button to customize the contents of the title block.


2. The second hidden feature is the ability to create a list of all the plants in your plan and paste that into the plan design. Garden Planner already has an easy way to create a list of the contents of your plan in the notebook view, which can be easily included when printing your plan. But what if you want a list within the plan design? Then look under the View menu and you will find the Add a list of plants to the plan menu item.


This isn’t something everyone will use, typically either using auto labels or the plant list from the notebook will be more useful, but one user asked for this functionality so I added it in. Maybe it will be of use to you.

3. And finally we come to my favorite hidden feature. 3d Billboards

billboard1What is a 3d billboard?

We’ll say you want to add an image to the 3d view in garden planner but you don’t want it flat on the ground but rather standing up in 3d view.

For example maybe you want to add a picture of  building or a wall behind the garden.

Then scroll down the walls and fences list to the bottom where you will find a 3d billboard. It looks just like a wall and can put anywhere in the plan. When you go in 3d view and select it you will see the settings options shown to the right. Just click on Select Image to add an image from your computer and it will instantly appear in the 3d view.

What’s more you can use jpeg images or PNG images with transparency. This actually gives you a lot of power. Say you really wanted to add a plastic flamingo to your garden and Garden Planner doesn’t have a plastic flamingo. The just find a picture of a plastic flamingo and add that in.


Now a plastic flamingo adorns yours lovely garden.