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Side Project: Bee Anatomy

As well as Garden Planner I’ve also been involved in a side project to create an educational app that covers bee and insect anatomy, pollination etc. It is targeted at younger students (around 6 – 10 years old)

When released the app will be available for iPad, Windows and Mac.

While the final project will be an app, I reused some of the assets to create a small interactive for the web and have put it online as it may be of use to teachers or students.

You can access the Honey Bee and Butterfly Anatomy interactive here.

It uses webGL so it will work for most browsers on most computers, but alas wont work in Safari on iPads or if you are using an old version of Internet Explorer on Windows.



Adjusting Terrain and minor update

Garden Planner version 3.6.36 is now available (actually it’s been out for a little while).

This update adds in some more objects into 3d view, in particular Sliding Doors and a Hot Tub (both user requests). Also there is now an option in the advanced settings screen that allows you to set a specific path for the My Plans folder. So if you wish to customise the location of that folder you now can.

Finally this update includes some general bug fixes and in particular some improvements to making sure all wall fence types correctly follow the terrain under them

A little while back I put up a video showing the basics of adjusting terrain in Garden Planner. If you haven’t seen it yet it is here: adjusting terrain.