Archive for July, 2020

Update 3.7.52

Please note: if you are having trouble printing and are running Garden Planner version 3.7.48 or 3.7.51 please update to the latest version to fix the issue. To update simply download and install the latest trial version. If you have purchased Garden Planner it will auto detect your key and activate the full version.

Languages Update

The Languages files in Garden Planner have been recently updated. Polish, Russian and Norwegian have been added to the languages files as well as updates to the existing translations.

However, please note that only the Plants and Objects names gets translated, the rest is still in English. But this is still useful if you only speak a little English or if you speak English well but are developing plans for someone who speaks a different language.

Furthermore there is now a simple tool that lets you update the languages files yourself if you notice any incorrect translations. The details on the languages tool are here.