Adding people into the 3d view

Hidden away under the Special Collections menu in Garden Planner is the Animals and People category. This includes a few images of people viewed from above. However these people don’t show up in the 3d view. Why? We’ll the 3d view is still under development and almost (but not all) 2d objects have been added to the 3d view and the people symbols are in the not yet added category. Part of the reason for that is that a 3d view model of a person is quite complex and could have slow the 3d rendering performance. But the bigger part of the reason is because I want to be inclusive and humans are really varied. Eventually there will be some 3d people that allow you to modify the age, size, gender etc.

Until then there is an quick and easy alternative. Put a photo of a person in your plan. First, take a photo of a person. Then in an image editor remove the background so that the person is on a transparent background. This should be possible even in a simple image editor like Windows Paint. Save the image as a PNG

Then in Garden Planner go to the bottom of the walls category and add a billboard to your plan. Switch to the 3d view and select the billboard. Add the image of the person and hey presto, there they are in your garden.

In the image below I took a (not very good) photo of myself (I am normally much more handsome). Edited out the lounge room. And then added myself into a sample garden. A few tips: this would have looked better if I had taken the photo outside with natural light, if I had held the camera higher, and if I had brushed my hair.

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