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A little update on Garden Planner 3d

Just to let you know. I am working on the 3d version of Garden Planner and it’s progressing nicely. As you can see from the above screenshots of one of the default Garden Planner sample plans I’ve still got quite a few more plants to add in, but everything is moving quickly. Hopefully I will soon be able to provide a preview version for people to try out and test.

Ipad App updated

IMG_0430smallThe companion iPad app ‘Garden Designer’ has just been updated to version 2.0.1

This new version has an improved interface, making it easier to use.  It also has been re-written from scratch to use less memory thus allowing better performance and larger plans on older iPads. There are also around 300 new objects and the addition of a Plants and Objects list like in Garden Planner.

Expect to see the iPad app updated a lot more frequently now.

Languages support in Garden Planner


The latest update to Garden Planner (version 3.4.17) adds the start of non-English language support to Garden Planner. If you choose Languages from the Help menu you can choose from a number of languages.

However at this point this only translates the names of all the plants and objects (including the vegetables and herbs). All interface items are still in English.

Why only translate part of the software? The plan is to have the software full translated eventually, but that is a difficult and time consuming process and this much translation could be done very quickly. I thought it was probably more useful to have some translation now and provide more later rather than making everyone wait.

Also, a number of users had said that while they could read English they were creating plans for people who didn’t speak English, and so having all the objects in their native language would save them a lot of time.

The current languages supported are Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. These were picked simply because people had requested them. If you want to see other languages added just let me know.

Valentine’s Garden : a romatic garden full of plants that bloom in the Winter

For Valentine’s Day I created a romantic garden design that contains plants that flower in the winter. It was a fun challenge as there are obviously less flowering plants in winter and they are mostly white or purple in color.


If you are interested you download the plan from here.

And if you don’t have it already you can download the free trial version of Garden Planner here.

New update to Garden Planner v3.4.7

newflowers-1A minor update to Garden Planner that adds eight new flower symbols and fixes a minor bug for Mac users. Available Now.

Garden Planner update

A new minor update to Garden Planner is now available, version 3.4.6

This update is recommended as it fixes a number of bugs, including fixing issues with using undo on objects created with tools and also allowing you to enter .oo values in the properties window when using metric measurements. (previously it would auto round down the values making it difficult to enter a value like 1.001)

There are also some improvements and fixes to the MyPlans saving option.

Garden Planner version 3.4.4

Now available is Garden Planner version 3.4.4

This adds a new way to store your plans, namely the My Plans folder. By default all new plans are stored in the My Plans folder and they are auto saved every two minutes (and when you close the application). This means you dont really need to think about saving or storing your plans.


You can access the plans that you have saved in the MyPlans folder simply by clicking on the MyPlans button on the toolbar or choosing My Plans from the Garden Planner welcome screen.

What if I don’t want to save plans in MyPlans but instead somewhere else on my computer.

If you wish to save your plan in a different location just uncheck the Auto Save Plan in My Plans folder option when you create a new plan. You can then choose where to save your plan on your computer (eg: on your desktop, network etc)

What about plans created in an older version of Garden Planner.

Plans created in an older version will still work exactly the same as they used to work. If you want to move a plan stored somewhere else on your computer to the MyPlans folder here’s what you do.
First open up the plan you wish to move to MyPlans. This can be done just by double clicking on the plan icon on your file system or choosing Browse for a Plan from the File menu. With the plan open then choose Save a Copy from the File menu. Choose to save a copy in the MyPlans folder and that’s it your done. You will now have the plan listed in your MyPlans folder.